Extreme Quests are VR simulations intended for advanced players to test their skills under harsh situations. Extreme Quests are available at level 50+ comprising of enemies starting from level 60+. Extreme quests feature a combination of bosses and enemies that won’t normally appear together in other quests. But if you finish the stage from floor 1-50 for the first time you could get instant Stone

Basic Info[]


You need Extreme Passes in order to start the XQ missions. Each mission consists of 5 stages and will use up one pass per party member. The leader can choose to pay for all members just like in AQs. You can get one pass every 22hrs at the quest counter.

Item drops[]

All drops besides meseta are added to a list once picked up. You may choose a maximum of 3 different items to take once the mission is completed. Failing to complete the Stage Orders may reduce the amount and limit the rarity of the items to take.

Stage Orders[]

There are certain objectives in each stage called "Stage Orders". Failing to complete orders may limit the amount or rarity of items you may check-out after mission completion.

Note that there are variations since the stages seem to be taken from a pool as opposed to being static, so you'll need to be able to recognize the kana or use the updated english translation patch.


Stages may randomly start with eCode:Test - these can be completed by hitting the switches or terminals spread over the stage.

Stage Progression[]

Each time you clear an instance (5 stages) you'll unlock the next 5 stages. You are free to select the XQ instance to run any of the 5 set of stages that you've already unlocked. Finishing the stages 45-50 will grant 4 T2 rocks, a conversion item and reset the stage unlocks.

11* Equips[]

The following 11* weapons may drop from the bosses of this area:

  • Forest: Daisy Chain (sword), Rabbit Wand (rod), Final Impact (launcher)
  • Tundra: White Comet (fist), Mech Katar (gunslash), Balmung (wand)
  • Ruins: Sange (katana), Missouri M13(twin mechgun), Dream Master (talis)

The enemies will additionally drop rocks which can be exchanged for 11* equipment. The conversion rates are the following:

  • 90 Tier1 -> 1 Tier2
  • 30 Tier2 -> 1 Tier3
  • 50 Tier2 -> 11* unit
  • 5 Tier3 -> 11* weapon

With other words, one 11* weapon costs 13500 T1 rocks.

The different weapons also require rocks from different areas and go by the following:

  • Forest: Partisan, Twin Dagger, Twin Mechgun, Wand
  • Tundra: Sword, Knuckles, Launcher, Rod, Bow
  • Ruins: Wired Lance, Double Saber, Gunslash, Rifle, Talis

Finishing a full chain of XQs going from stage 1-50(uses 10 passes) grants 4 T2 rocks as well as an conversion item to convert a T3 rock from a different area to the area you cleared XQ chain for. Example: if you clear forest 45-50 you'll get 4 T2 forest rocks as well as an item that can convert a T3 tundra or ruins rock into T3 forest.


So far there's Forest and Tundra, with more stages being added in later. Alternate (rare) stages have the possibility to reward extra stones and rares (not confirmed yet). For the most part, the orders should be translated with the latest english patch. Otherwise, you can use google translate on the respective Extreme Quest page on the JP wiki to figure out the orders.

I'm leaving Tundra 1 - 40 up for now, but later the lists will be reduced to just stages that give an insufficient machine translation from the JP wiki.

Tundra Stages 1 - 40[]


Stage Enemies Stage Conditions
Stage 1 Sparzyle, Spargun, Spardan A Defeat 10 enemies in 30 seconds.
Stage 2 Gulfur, Guardinane, Spargun Defeat 4 Gulfur in 30 seconds.
Stage 3-1 De Malmoth, Fangulfur, Gulfur Defeat 1 De Malmoth in 180 seconds.
Stage 3-2 Ol Micda, Micda

Defeat 1 enemy by hitting it's weak spot within 20 seconds.

Stage 4 Sparzyle

Defeat 12 Sparzyle in 20 seconds.

Stage 5 Tranmizer, Gulfur

Do not heal for 60 seconds (MAG Healing is OK).

Stage 6 Guardinane, Spargun, Gulfur, Yede

Defeat 9 enemies in 120 seconds.

Stage 7-1 Signo Beat, Signo Gun

Do not take damage for 120 seconds.

Stage 7-2 Rappy

Defeat 12 Rappies in 77 seconds or less.

Stage 8 King Yede, Yede

Do not heal for 30 seconds (MAG Healing is OK)

Stage 9 De Malmoth, Guardinane, Signo Gun

Break 3 parts on De Malmoth in 30 seconds

Stage 10 Snow Banshee, Signo Gun

Defeat 1 Snow Banshee from the front in 120 seconds.

Stage 11-1 Signo Beat, Guardine

Take no damage for 60 seconds.

Stage 11-2 Rappy

Defeat 12 Rappies in 77 seconds or less.

Stage 12 Gulfur, Yede, Micda

Do not heal for 120 seconds (MAG healing is OK)

Stage 13 Yede, King Yede, Dahgash, Micda, Dagacha

Defeat 4 Yedes in 30 seconds

Stage 14 Krabahda, Signo Beat

Defeat 2 Krabahdas in 60 seconds from the front.

Stage 15 Big Vardha

Do not die 5 times or more.

Stage 16 Malmoth, Signo Gun, Spargun

Kill 6 enemies in 60 seconds from the front. (NOTE: THERE ARE ONLY 6 ENEMIES)

Stage 17-1 Gu Wonda, Signo Beat, Ga Wonda, Sparzyle

Kill 2 Gu Wondas in 60 seconds from behind.

Stage 17-2 Rappy

Defeat 12 Rappies in 77 seconds or less.

Stage 18 Wolgahda, Signo Gun, Gulfur

Don't heal for 60 seconds (MAG Healing is OK)

Stage 19-1 Signo Beat, Gu Wonda, Ga Wonda

Don't take damage for 20 seconds.

Stage 19-2 Ol Micda

Defeat 1 Micda it's weak spot within 30 seconds.

Stage 20 Snow Banther, Snow Banshee, Dagash, Dagacha

Kill 1 Snow Banther from the front in 180 seconds.

Stage 21 Ga Wonda, Gu Wonda, Dahgash, Yede, Dagacha

Kill 3 enemies in 30 seconds.

Stage 22 Gilnas Core, Gulfur, Krahda

No Healing for 60 seconds (MAG healing is OK)

Stage 23-1 Signo Beat, Kartagot, Gilnach

Kill 2 Signo Beats in 35 seconds from behind

Stage 23-2 Agurani

Destroy 4 body parts in 240 seconds or less.

Stage 24 Fangulfur, Dicahda, Guardinane, Ol Micda

Don't take damage for 30 seconds

Stage 25-1 Krabahda, Tranmizer

Kill 2 Krabahdas from the front in 60 seconds.

Stage 25-2 Falz Hunar Do not heal for 90 seconds (MAG Healing is OK).
Stage 26 Cycloneahda, Guardinane, Micda, Ol Micda

Kill 2 Cycloneahdas by their weak spot in 60 seconds.

Stage 27-1 De Malmoth, Gilnas Core, Signo Beat

Do not heal for 120 seconds.

Stage 27-2 Dagacha

Defeat 3 Dagachas by their weak spots in 180 seconds.

Stage 28 King Yede, Dicahda, Yede

Kill 2 King Yedes by their weakspot in 60 seconds. Note: King Yedes lose their weakspot when they enrage.

Stage 29 Kuklonahda, Malmoth, Yede

Defeat 4 Kuklonahdas by destroying their weakspot in 90 seconds.

Stage 30-1 Gwanahda, Guardinane

Kill 1 Gwanahda by its weakspot in 150 seconds.

Stage 30-2 Falz Arms

Do not heal for 60 seconds (MAG Healing is OK).

Stage 31-1 Dagan, Breeahda, El Adha, Kartargot

Kill 6 Dagans in 120 seconds.

Stage 31-2 Rappy

Defeat 12 Rappies in 77 seconds.

Stage 32 Micda, Signo Beat, Malmoth Kill a micda suffering from a status effect in 120 seconds.
Stage 33-1 Cycloneahda, Kuklonahda, Spargun

Do not take any damage for 30 seconds.

Stage 33-2 Falz Arms

Do not heal for 60 seconds (MAG Healing is OK).

Stage 34 Predicahda, Signo Beat, Malmoth

Kill 2 Predicahdas suffering from a status effect in 90 seconds.

Stage 35-1 Big Vardha

Destroy 24 parts.

Stage 35-2 Falz Arms

Do not heal for 60 seconds (MAG Healing is OK).

Stage 36 Predicahda, Breeahda, El Ahda, Dicahda, Dagan, Krahda

Take no damage for 120 seconds

Stage 37 Krabahda, Cycloneahda, Ga Wonda, Dahgash, Micda

Don't heal for 120 seconds.

Stage 38-1 Snow Banther, Micda

Break 6 parts on Snow Banther in 100 seconds.

Stage 38-2 Wolgahda

Defeat 1 Wolgahda by its weak spot in 180 seconds.

Stage 39 Gwanahda, Fangulfur
Kill Gwanahda by weakspot in 150 seconds.
Stage 40-1 Zeshrayda, Snow Banther, King Yede

Kill Zeshrayda by weak spot (core) in 180 seconds.

Stage 40-2 Dark Falz Elder

Destroy 2 body parts in 600 seconds or less.

City Stages 1 - 40[]