Welcome to the wikipage for the Outer Haven PSO2 team.

If you've recently joined and have questions then you should probably check out the Newcomer Page before asking any questions on the Team chat.

We now have a steam group which our managers will use to announce events or EMs. The group is invite only: ask a manager for invite if you want in.

You can visit our irc channel on #ship4pso @ rizon irc. The previous team plan can be found at TreeMasterPlan

We currently have 34 articles.

Current Stuff

Schedule with important stuff is now listed on the steam group instead. Check the announcements page


Update released with new stuff this page lists name of new scratch items

Our current hangout block is: B-31 (because noone likes monica)

Don't forget to tell new people or old re-invited people about the irc / wiki. oh and update your friend bot now and then.


pastebin with web-irc address for people:

_( ¦ 3」∠)_ cutedead jams

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Setting up Machine Translation | Useful JP Phrases | Typing Japanese | PSO2es Guide

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